Molecule: East Village Water Café

Purified tap water cafe in East Village, NYC, to-go and refill options. MoleculePurified tap water cafe in East Village, NYC, to-go and refill options. MoleculePurified NYC Tap water, East Village Water Cafe, MoleculePurified NYC Tap water, East Village Water Cafe, MoleculeClick to enlarge

A unique kind of café has just opened a few avenues over from us: Molecule – A Water Café. The idea behind this new shop is to serve filtered (“purified”) NYC tap water using their $25,000 filtration system; a seven-stage processing treatment to create what the owners call “pure H2O.” There’s the to-go option, in a nicely designed glass bottle for $2.50 which you can have plain or with vitamin supplements and/or herbal infusions at an additional cost. If you bring your own container, water refills are provided at a range of $1 for a canteen to $10 for 5 gallons. A delivery service is in the works as well as “water blessing” events.

Being a big fan of unfiltered NYC tap water, I’m not sure I’ll be consuming Molecule’s water for now. The whole concept makes me chuckle a bit (I guess a Brita filter doesn’t cut it anymore) but I do like their branding.

Here’s co-owner Adam Ruhf discussing Molecule in a WSJ Video.

Photos: scoboco’s flickr; DNAinfo; and EV Grieve

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7 thoughts on “Molecule: East Village Water Café

  1. I believe this is one of the most innovative niche’ markets in the United States. Not only should we change the way we think about the number one resource on the planet but we should be getting more into our systems. I am a water bottling entrepeneur who promotes good, healthy, system detoxifying water that help to alkaline our bodies.

  2. Thank you for not shipping water halfway across the world. Fiji water *cough cough*. This actually makes way more sense. Where do you think your Aquafina comes from? It all starts as tap water.

  3. No, I’ve been there. They serve it in refillable glass bottles and are very eco conscious

  4. NYC dep and it’s democrat communist masters keep lying about opening the filtration plant they made New Yorkers pay 3 Billions dollars for.
    They want drugs in our supply

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