Cao Hui: Gutsy Sculpture

Cao Hui Gutsy sculpture, Resin sculpture with human/animal innards oozing out at seamsCao Hui Gutsy sculpture, Resin sculpture with human/animal innards oozing out at seams

I can’t really say that I ‘like’ these sculptures by Chinese artist Cao Hui, but they certainly are hard to ignore and impressively executed. Cao Hui, based in Beijing, is known for his shockingly realistic sculptures of half-flayed animals. More recently he has applied this technique to the unexpected: furniture and objects. These resin and fiber sculptures, that surprisingly ooze entrails at their seams, are all part of Cao Hui’s interest in realisim, deception, and the artist’s power of control. The belief that the interior and exterior of everything possess a perfect logic is now humorously questioned by the artist. Definitely not for the squeamish.

Photos: Lin&Lin Gallery and Barefoot.

via White Rabbit Gallery

5 thoughts on “Cao Hui: Gutsy Sculpture

  1. As a recent vegan I applaud your work. As others say, it is hard to see but so is the torture animals go through for our meat-eating hunger. I don’t impose my views on others (unless they ask) but the older I get the more justified I feel in both animal-loving/environment and health categories that science now substantiates. Though I know that may not be your artistic focus, if it makes other’s question your realism through that lens, bravo!!

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