Nils and Sven Völker: Captured

art installation, inflating foil, colored lights, collabcubedart installation, inflating foil, colored lights, collabcubedClick to enlarge.

If you’ve ever popped some Jiffy Pop on the stove, it’s likely that that experience will come to mind while viewing Nils and Sven Völker’s recent installation, Captured: An Homage to Light and Air presented at MADE Space in Berlin.

The German brothers – Sven a graphic designer and Nils a machine artist (see our previous post) – collaborated by combining four walls with 304 framed graphic pages surrounding a field of 252 inflatable silver cushion-like air bags. The bags were programmed by Nils Völker to create sequences according to chapters of his brother’s “books on wall”. The inflating and deflating of the bags, along with the colored lighting system, create a very dramatic and intensified effect.

You can watch it in action below.

2 thoughts on “Nils and Sven Völker: Captured

  1. Maybe it’s more dramaticized? Actually, what the artist says, much more eloquently than I, is that the colored lights “intensify the dramaturgy.”

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