Peter Kogler: Spatial Illusion

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Clearly, one doesn’t necessarily need Upside Down Goggles or a Psycho Tank à la Carsten Höller to experience a trippy effect through art. Austrian artist Peter Kogler has been playing with spatial illusion since the 1980s.

Interested in film architecture and influenced by movies from the 1920s such as The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Metropolis where the architecture plays a central role generating emotion from the viewer, Kogler began working with the “illusionism of space”. Initially working with small models made from cardboard, his work evolved into projections of large-scale graphic images onto walls, trying to absorb or change the actual architecture.

Personally, the rats are a tad too freaky, but the rest of it really appeals to me.

Below is a short video of one of Peter Kogler’s video installations in action.

via Dirimart

6 thoughts on “Peter Kogler: Spatial Illusion

  1. I love his work! thanks for the great post… (if I am not wrong Peter Kogler is not german but austrian… )

  2. Dear Peter Kogler. I am an 18 year old A Level Art student and am currently working on my Exam Essay Comparing Tromp L’Oeil OP Art and the works of MC Escher. In my local Arts Centre in Andraitx Sa Coma in Mallorca the CCA I have seen some of your work and have included it in my essay. I was wondering if it would be possible to conduct a very short skype interview with you for me to add to my essay.
    Thank you for your time and looking forward to hearing from you
    Maxwell Campbell

  3. Maxwell – You’d probably do better by clicking through on one of the links in the post that take you to Peter Kogler’s site and look for his contact info there.

  4. Dear Master Peter Kogler:
     How are you!
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